Bahrain’s 1st Women’s Motor Show

Whether you have a sports car, jeep or a family car….prizes will be given for the most unique design & effort to stand out in the Yalla Banat crowd

Arrive between 3 – 4 pm and park your car in the allocated Motor Show area.

Enjoy time admiring all the other cars in at the Motor Show as well as a full day out of fun at the Yalla Banat family festival

Enter and Win Best in Class in categories …

  1. Super / Hypercars
  2. Classic Cars
  3. Road Cars
  4. Motor Bikes / Scooters

Judges will choose winners for cars, giving extra points for creative stickers, add-ons, and uniqueness of the car design.

Winners will be announced at 7 pm by VIP judge panel

Women drivers may only apply to enter the Motor show. Cars may belong to family or friends but prizes will be given in the name of the Women Registered Driver. 

Limited spaces, so register now & show Girls Love Cars Too….