Martyna Al-Qassab

Martyna Al-Qassab
Founder & Managing Director
As part of the Start-Up Team launching Bahrain’s state-of-the-art International Karting Circuit at the BIC, my passion for all things Motor Sport took off. This led me to enter a local car race championship & compete for side by side with men race drivers, during which I reach the Podium finish, being the 1st Women to achieve this milestone in 10 years since the formation of the 2000cc Race Championship. As a former Polish World Cup Champion in Taekwon-Do, my passion for competition is part of my DNA, which am now focused on the mission to Celebrate the Women of today, Inspire and install Confidence for the next generation to aim higher and exceed their dreams. 

Establishing Yalla Banat, ‘Women in the Drivers Seat’ is a call to action for our Mission. The energy & potential of the Women across this wonderfully diverse Region is delivering remarkable results today and building strong momentum day by day.  I am personally excited and confident about the future for Women, but also for the future of the Region as a whole. Yalla Banat…..lets Make It Happen!

Fatema Isa Ebrahim

Fatema Isa Ebrahim
PR & Communications Director
As a Public Relations Consultant and Country Head of Action Global Communications am also deeply entrenched and drawn towards the energy and innovation within the startup space, which has also led me to establish Jalopy, a Fintech startup in Bahrain.

Therefore the passion and scope of the Yalla Banat initiative, bringing people together to reflect on their milestones and other’s achievements, was irresistible for me. In addition to that reflection, there are activities to immerse yourself in. It also allows me to celebrate myself with others on the platform. I got involved because I got that chill in my bones when I know something feels right. The concept was different and I want to see that difference impact others on other levels. This isn’t just an event but a dynamic celebration to empower everyone through various experiences. 

Monika Makulska

Monika Makulska
Program Director
As a leader in Project Management  & Training discipline and an advocate for the role of women’s place in the diverse and changing global economic landscape, am honored to be working with a talented group of Women, all coming together within Yalla Banat’s initiative from across the Region.  It is clear to me on the limitless potential of our  Mission and as a Women who truly believe that challenges are only opportunities set in front us to grow stronger, am determined to support Yalla Banat and positively witnessing a moment in history that we invite all Women & Men to celebrate together. 

Aseel Al Hamad

Aseel Al Hamad
Yalla Banat Brand Ambassador, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
As a Women from Saudi Arabia who established my own design firm IDEGREE DESIGN in 2009, with a passion for motorsports, I have received the honor to represented not only women from my Country as the 1st women board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF)  and a member of International Automobile Federation (FIA) being appointed to represent Saudi Arabia at the Women in Motorsport Commission, but also be part of the historical, lifting the ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia and was given the privilege to  perform a celebratory lap in a Renault E20 Formula 1 racing car prior to the opening of the 2018 French Grand Prix, making me the first Saudi Women to drive an F1 car. Therefore the Yalla Banat initiative is the right goal and the right time that I am passionate about as it helps Women pursue their dreams and exceed their potential.


Rasha Al Qahtani
Editor & Content Director
My background in journalism steams from many years reporting with the Gulf Daily News & Bahrain Tribune which lead me to interview memorable leading figures across the region and worldwide during which I noticed first hand the incredible Women making it happen behind the scenes now moving closer towards the front leadership roles driving change across the Middle East. Now am joining there pack as an entrepreneur establishing Fab Creations. Yalla Banat’s journey has inspired so many and so soon and am excited of the potential and committed to the cause for our next generation to drive change.

eman majeed-2

Eman Majeed

Public Relations specialists working across diverse segments on industry my contribution and commitment to Yalla Banat is driven by my passion as a believer in all initiatives of Women Empowerment.  While being part of the first group of women to drive across the King Fahed Causeway connecting the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I had  witnessed the spark driven by the Yalla Banat initiative which is made up of many cultures from across the Gulf as well as Internationally all focused on inspiring and connecting Women on their belief in fulfilling their possibilities. Let’s make history, Yalla Banat Bahrain

Women & Men to celebrate together. 


Suzy Al Zeerah

Community & Events Manager of Bahrain FinTech Bay & Co-founder of Boost Events.

As a strong believer in Women taking charge of their own Destiny and hence with Yalla Banat’s mission it will enable us all to Celebrate Women’s achievement in all areas of life. Sports have had a very powerful effect on my life as a Women, it shapes what I do and who I am. Lets power Yalla Banat up together and Make History